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Town History

Springville is located in the Sierra foothills at an elevation of slightly more than one thousand feet. Location information is available here.

The town was originally named “Daunt”, for William Daunt, a settler who opened the first store in the town in 1860.

The name was changed to “Springville” in January, 1911, purportedly for the great tasting water from the soda springs found in the area.

The town’s first post office was completed in February, 1886. The first school built in Springville was finished in May, 1887 and was called the Dennison School. A new school was built in 1922 and named Springville Union, which is still in use today for kindergarten through eighth grade.

In 1918 Springville became world famous for its Tulare Kings Counties Joint Tuberculosis Sanitarium. This facility is no longer needed due to medical advancements, and has been converted to rental housing.

Today, Springville is a center for cattle ranches and small farms, artists, cottage businesses and antiques. Springville has honored its western heritage for over 50 years by hosting the annual P.R.C.A. Rodeo in April. Each year in October, the Apple Festival is held here as a reminder of the towns’ famous apples.

Springville is the last best stop to get provisions when entering Balch Park, Mountain Home Forest, Trail of 100 Giants and Coffee Camp. It is also a perfect place to stop by after visiting the Tule River Canyon, Camp Wishon, or one of the many other gateways to the National Monument.

For more local history, visit the Tule River Historical Society Museum on Hwy 190 next to the Rodeo Grounds. Open Tuesdays and Sundays 1-4.

Enjoy your visit, and thanks for stopping by!

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