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Springville Transfer Station

The Transfer Station is a garbage drop-off site ran by Tulare County. The location is owned and operated by the Tulare County Solid Waste Department.

NOTE: If you do not live in the Springville area it is recommended that you use the Woodville Landfill instead of the transfer station. The transfer station has limited capacity and is not intended for non-locals. With the closure of Teapot Dome Landfill, which was located SW of Porterville, there has been an increase in non-locals coming to this location. The Transfer Station was not designed for high traffic drop-offs. Please consider dropping off at the Woodville Landfill located at 19800 Rd. 152 Tulare, CA 93274.

The Springville Chamber of Commerce is not affiliated with the Transfer Station. This page is for informational purposes, and may not reflect current information. If there are inaccuracies please let us know. Please visit the Tulare County Solid Waste website, or call them at 559-624-7195 for the most up-to-date information.

SH 190 1.5 miles south of Springville
33787 CA-190, Springville, CA 93265

Hours Open:
Friday & Saturday: 8am - 4pm

There is a Flat Fee for most standard garbage, and Volume Rates for green refuse, wood, & green waste.

Tulare County Transfer Stations DO NOT accept Debit or Credit Cards.  There is no ATM available on site for cash withdrawals.  CASH OR CHECK ONLY!

Flat Rates
32 Gallon Covered - $10.00/Load
Flat Minimum (Car, Station Wagon) Covered - $15.00/Load
Flat Standard (Van &Trailers- 8ft max) Covered - $25.00/Load

Tires- $5.00/each (limit 10)

Volume Rates
Gen Ref, Wood &Green Waste Covered - $10.00/C.Y.


Trash Collection Services

The County does not provide trash collection services, however there are licensed haulers that do for a charge. Cities run their own trash services, Springville is an unincorporated area so the County manages the area.

In the unincorporated areas of Tulare County, the Board of Supervisors sets the rates the licensed haulers are allowed to charge for regular collection of municipal solid waste. The County requires these licensed haulers to serve everyone within their service area – even if you are the only customer for miles. In exchange for these restrictions and regulations, the licensed haulers have an exclusive right to provide collection service to the businesses and residences in their areas. Call us at 559-624-7195 to determine which licensed hauler serves your home or business.

• Miramonte Sanitation, 559-638-1313
• Pena Disposal, Inc., 559-528-3909
• Mid Valley Disposal (Three Rivers and Allied Disposal), 559-897-5217
• USA Waste (Waste Management), 1-800-870-9378
• South Tulare-Richgrove, 661-725-0265
• Tule Trash, 559-757-1045

Items Accepted & Not Accepted

Items Accepted
• Air Conditioners
• Ashes, residential (must be cold)
• Bikes
• Boats (DMV junk slip required / no fluids)
• Box Springs
• Camper Shells
• Cars (whole/bodies) - (DMV junk slip required / no fluids)
• Christmas Trees
• Compressed Gas Cylinders (remove valve chuck)
• Confidential Files
• Empty Aerosol Cans with no hazardous materials
• Freezers (doors must be off) extra charge
• Fuel Tanks (must be sectioned to prevent explosion)
• General Refuse
• Jacuzzi / Hot tubs / spas
• Mattresses
• Metal Barrels/Drums (must be empty)
• Mobile Home (DMV junk slip / no fluids)
• Motorcycles (DMV junk slip / no fluids)
• Municipal Solid Waste
• Non Friable Asbestos
• Oil Filters (not from commercial sources / must be drained)
• Palms
• Port a potties
• Refrigerators (doors must be off) extra charge
• Smelt pots
• Tires (whole/strips)
• Trailers (DMV junk slip required / no fluids)
• Vineyard Wire
• Wastewater Treatment Facilities’ Grit & Screening
• Wood / Green Waste

Items Not Accepted
X Ammunition
X Ashes, commercial sources
X Batteries
X Batteries, dry cell / lead acid
X Cell Phones
X Computer Monitors
X Contaminated Soils
X Dead Animals
X Explosives
X Fertilizer Containers
X Fluorescent Lights
X Friable Asbestos
X Grease
X Infectious Waste
X Liquid Waste
X Manure
X Microwaves
X Packing House Waste
X Printers
X Radioactive Waste
X Semisolid Waste
X Sewage sludge
X Televisions
X Treated Wood
X Universal Waste



Phone: 559-744-3810

Mailing Address: PO Box 104 Springville, CA 93265

Office Address: 35625 CA-190, STE 101, Springville, CA 93265


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