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Disaster Information

March 10th Severe Weather Disaster Information

Updated 3/13/2023 10:21am

Springville is an unincorporated community which relies on County, State, and Federal resources to guide us during disasters.

We provide these informational references here to make it easier to navigate these difficult times. Please email us any information you believe should be listed here. We do our best to provide as much as we can.

Road Safety

Road & Bridge Closures (Regularly Updated):

Success Lake / Schafer Dam Status

Success Lake had reached capacity and the spillway routed the overflow safely into the Tule channels. Currently the water has dropped below spillway level. The US Army Corp and Water Boards are keeping oversight on the water levels and are working to rapidly lower reservoir water levels, expand emergency capacity, and mitigate downstream impacts. Currently the estimated snowpack in the mountain ranges are estimated to be 267% compared to average this during time of year. There is plenty more snow to melt and residents upstream and downstream should remain vigilant and prepared.

For the latest hourly water level readings:

Daily Water Level Report:

Visual Graphed Water Level:

Property Damage

If you have Property Damage, please fill out this form to ensure financial assistance can be pulled from the Federal & State govt:
Tulare County Property Damage Form:

It is wise to also contact the County RMA office directly to ask for information. It can take a while to be granted necessary resources to fix property damage, and requires significant public demand from those impacted. If you have property affected by this event, please be sure to reach the county RMA. 

What to do if your home has been impacted by floods:

Tulare County Emergency Resources Site:

Tulare County Office of Emergency Services:

Tulare County Disaster Preparedness Guide (2011):

Evacuation & Shelters

Tulare County Evacuation Orders:

Springville Mandatory Evacuation Order:

An Evacuation Order has also been issued for the Springville area along the south bank of the Tule River; for the homes and businesses from the Lower Rio Vista east of Bridge Drive to east of Pleasant Oak Drive on Highway 190. This will include all roads, access roads and areas in between. Not included is Pleasant Oak Drive.

You can view mapped areas that are under evacuation here:

Shelter Information

Those in need of shelter due to mandatory evacuations due to flooding, Tulare County emergency shelters and Temporary Evacuation Point (TEP) are available at the following locations:

Exeter Veterans Memorial Building
234 N. Kaweah Ave. in Exeter
Open 24hrs

Porterville College Gym
100 E. College Ave. in Porterville
Open 24hrs

Dinuba Memorial Hall (TEP)
249 S. Alta Ave. in Dinuba
Open: 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Individuals who may need assistance evacuating may call 2-1-1 for assistance. If you are able, please evacuate your domestic animals with you as both shelters are available to take domestic animals.

Food & Humanitarian Relief

There are a few pop up locations where you can find resources. There are trucks providing resources in Downtown Springville. The Shelters listed above also have food & aid. The reservation is offering resources at the parking lot located at the traffic circle along 190 / Reservation Rd, just west of the dam. You should be able to find these locations when you drive by. You can also ask the Sherriff's office or Fire Department for latest information.

The county has requested to drop off aid at the shelters.

Government & FEMA Declarations

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Chamber Business Members are asked to reach out to the Chamber for business relief.



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