Farmer’s Market


The Springville Chamber of Commerce sponsors a farmers market on Saturdays in downtown Springville.

Conveniently located on Hwy 190, near C.R. Smith Realty and Cowpunchers Café.
8-12 noon, weather permitting

Call Ralph Edwards for vendor and other info: 559-544-4069.


The following vendors are regulars at the market; other vendors come seasonally.


Auntie’s Home Grown Farm

P.O. Box 1188 Springville, CA 93265
Tel: 559-202-8351
Email: auntieshomegrown@gmail.com
Website: http://auntieshomegrownfarm.wordpress.com
Farm located in Springville, CA- specializing in heirloom tomatoes and other vegetables, some organic, and greens year-round.


Bill’s Old-Fashioned Jams, Jellies, and Syrups

P.O. Box 311 Springville, CA 93265
Email: jhw.harding@yahoo.com
About: Jams, jellies, and syrups.


Edward’s Orchards

P.O. Box 367 Springville, CA 93265
Tel: 559-544-4069
Email: edwardsorchards@netzero.net
About: Apples, peaches, apricots


Emily’s Cottage

27598 Ave 196 Strathmore, CA 93267
Tel: 559-783-8369
Email: ilovehomemadebreads@gmail.com
or for music: themcintoshsisters@gmail.com
About: Homemade breads and cookies – made with organic wheat and only the finest natural ingredients. Live harp and violin music, handmade doilies, herbal salves and other natural remedies. Equal exchange chocolate bars.


Lomita Verde

P.O. Box 11008 Terra Bella, CA 93270
Tel: 559-535-0386
Email: xelaju427@sbcglgobal.net
About: Hand-crafted textiles, antiques, collectables.


Quercus Landscape Design

P.O. Box 1188, Springville, CA 93265
Tel: 559-202-8351
Email: info@quercuslandscapedesign.com
Website: www.QuercusLandscapeDesign.com
Social Media: Facebook; Pinterest, Yelp, Linked-In and Twitter: @peytonia
About: We provide landscape design, consultation and specialty garden services,
specializing in California native plant-based gardens. We also offer special orders
and selected public sales of California native and other climate-right plants for our area.


Erica’s Farm

Strathmore, CA
Seasonal local vegetables and fruits

Contact Us

Springville Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 104
Springville, CA 93265
Phone: 559-744-3810
Email: chamber@springville.ca.us

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